Review: British Animation Awards


  1. Film Liked: MR. MADILA

I love the concept  of going interview someone  and then turn into animation. It was hilarious and psychedelic. My eyes were glued to the screen until the end and it finish I wanted to see more. I also like the fact that he showed his final animation to Mr. MADILA  and retrieves his reaction. And  then recreate how Mr MADILA wanted to perspective on the film,  for example like  using a voice over.

  1. Film Disliked : DEAD AIR

There weren’t any action in this film. it was slow, repetitive. I feel asleep in middle of it. It was a very long film with a lack of narration or story. It had several scene which were useless such as showing the factory , the bridge or the beach.  Even if the CGI animation was good

  1. Music -Video Liked: MOVE ON

Emotional and very touching. Great animation which worked with the sound track. And I also like the material they used to create their puppets which was wool, flexible and  manageable to create fluid animation. Very creative.

  1. Music -Video Dislike: HECTA: THE CONCEPT

I haven’t get it the concept really and it wasn’t catchy. Well to finally say that I don’t  I wasn’t a big fan of it.